Hotel and Hospitality suites offer staff and consumers an easy to use interface with a wide variety of options and convenience.


Businesses will have the benefits of:

  • Call accounting for guest room billing
  • Room ready / needs cleaning / needs repair / housekeeping codes
  • Programmable wake-up calls 
  • Room mailbox setup and deletion
  • Auto Attendant overflow options
  • PMS software integration 
  • Microsoft Windows and Office compatibility

Staff will be more productive by offsetting tasks that can automatically be done by the phone system. Attendants will also benefit from the Graphical PC based phone software which controls phone features, quick transfers to rooms or voicemail, day/night services, alarms, and emergency notification to name a few.



Integration with Microsoft Office provides another valuable feature and gives more flexibility for staff to help customers


Housekeeping and maintenance staff will benefit by entering simple feature codes on the guest room phones alerting front desk staff that the room is ready, needs repair, needs cleaning, and other options that will enable staff to get instant room status updates.


Guests can control wake-up calls, as well as other features and access voicemail from the room. Phones can be VoIP, wireless, digital, or analog depending on the needs of your guest rooms. For a customized solution to fit your business please contact us with any questions you may have.


Vtech Hospitality Division

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